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Our name is new but our experience is anything but! With over 30-years of testing and manufacturing experience in the automotive, small-off road engine (SORE), marine and portable fuel container (PFC) industries, we bring an innovative, customer oriented approach to all of our services. 

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How We are Different

VEXA IS DIFFERENT - when you contact us you will be received by an experience technical expert who will service the test from inception to completion.

From the rudimentary to the complex test, to our accreditation to preventative maintenance, our commitment to excellence will set our testing apart.


Regulatory Compliance

One of VEXA's core competency is our experience and expertise with regulatory compliance. From national standards (CARB and EPA), to industry (SAE, ISO, ANSI, SAE, ABYC), to internal we can help. 



We offer a multitude of testing services. If your interest is not in the list below, please inquire.

  •  Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination (SHED)
  • Carbon Canister BWC, GWC, DBL, ORVR
  • Weight Loss / Gravimetric 
  • USEPA 40 CFR Part 1060
  • USEPA 40 CFR Part 1051
  • CARB TP-501, TP-502
  • CARB TP-901, TP-902
  • SAE J30, J1527, J1737
  • CARB TP-511, TP-512



  • Certification to Regulatory Agencies (USEPA, CARB, CPSC, ECE)

  • Certification to Manufacturer Internal Test Procedures / Development Requirements

  • Product Certification to Industry Procedures (ASTM, ISO, ANSI, SAE)

Engineering Consulting


  • Development of Unique Test Set-Ups, Test Procedures, Innovative Processes

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Program Management (DVP&R, PVP&R)


Contact Us

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.


52500 Grand River Ave, Wixom, Michigan 48393, United States





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